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Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Every student in Australia needs a USI. This unique identifier ensures that all your post school education records are kept safe, private and in one place. This means that wherever you study in Australia, your records relating to your tertiary studies are always available and easily accessed.

So if you’re enrolling in a nationally recognised training program or a higher education qualification with HR Training, you need a USI. You also need a USI if you’re receiving government funding or a scholarship, and you need it to graduate, and access your qualifications and statement of attainment.

A USI also makes it much easier for you to present evidence of previous studies to different educational providers, if this is needed as a prerequisite to another course.

Your USI is issued by the Australian Government and you can find out more information on their website.

Generating a USI

If you’ve undertaken tertiary studies since 2015, you might already have a USI. You can check for an existing USI on the government website – Find your USI

If you don’t already have a USI, you can create one on the government website – Get a USI.

Generating a USI takes only a few minutes and is free. You’ll need to provide a valid form of Australian ID to generate your USI, and there’s a list of suitable ID on the government website – Identification.

You’ll need your USI to enrol in any of the units or courses delivered by HR Training.

For help accessing or generating a USI, please contact HR Training on 07 3289 4444 or send us an email enquiry. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.