Government Funding

Remaining competitive and innovative in business today is critical for continued growth and profit

A business needs to take advantage of opportunities as they come along. Employing staff using government funding and having Human Resource Training train your staff will not only develop the people in your business but also improve your ‘bottom line’.

HR training in the last 20 years have assisted clients in Australia receive over $9 million in Australian Government funding for their training programs – so contact us now so we can help you determine your employees eligibility.

HR training is a Registered Training Organisation approved to deliver accredited certificate courses in the workplace to business and industry throughout Australia. HR training is one of only a few Registered Training Organisations
in Australia that have delivered Government funded training in ALL states and both territories of the ACT and Northern Territory.   HR training has used Government funding to conduct quality training for not only large national organisations but also State Government bodies and local Councils.

What is Skills Assure?

Only Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that meet Queensland Government entry requirements have a contract with the Queensland Government to enrol students in subsidised training. Only these RTOs are authorised to use the Skills Assure identifier/ logo.

By choosing a subsidised course using a Skills Assure supplier like HRtraining, you can gain skills that are valued by industry that will improve your chances of getting a promotion or help you get a job once you are finished the course.

Skills Assure makes it easier to recognise RTO providers that offer training subsidised by the Queensland Government.

Skills Assure is a key initiative of the Skills for Queensland: “Great training for quality jobs strategy” being implemented by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT).

HR training will also integrate your current training to national standards and with Trainers and Assessors available in all states of Australia we are able to provide a high level of support and assistance to clients.

There are many different funding opportunities offered by Commonwealth government and the State governments of Australia. Just to name a few:

  • Traineeships
  • User Choice
  • “Certificate 3 Guarantee” in Queensland

What is a Traineeship ?

A traineeship is a workplace based training program which HR training can conduct on or off-the-job

Trainees receive their training through a variety of delivery methods. Usually structured face-to-face training sessions are combined with self-paced learner guides and assistance from a Mentor from HR training. Assessments are conducted online by qualified assessors who regularly visit the workplace.

Benefits to Employers of staff completing training

Increasing the skills and knowledge of your staff through training will in turn increase motivation, productivity, employee retention and your organisation’s competitiveness. HR training can conduct a Training Needs Analysis customising training to suit your needs. This includes an analysis of WHAT skills are needed by participants, HOW the training will be delivered, WHEN training can be scheduled in the workplace and WHERE training is able to be conducted.

BENEFITS of introducing Training to your employees:

  • Increased performance and commitment by employees who are gaining skills from training at your workplace
  • You may be entitled to receive Government funding for those who meet eligibility criteria
  • Lower staff turnover as Trainees stay to complete their certificate
  • When recruiting, offering training can attract quality employees who want to learn skills in the workplace
  • Little disruption to normal work routine as training can be completed at the workplace AND assessment is all ONLINE
  • Availability of a Professional and qualified Trainer/Assessor from HR training to support and advise on all training matters

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