Certificate 3 Guarantee Training

State Government funding is now available for casual, part time and full time workers who live in Queensland, as well as residents who are unemployed to complete a Vocational Certificate qualification.

The following Certificate 3 Guarantee qualifications are offered by HR training:

This unit of study is an accredited Skill Set designed to help & support organisations globally from all different industries around the world in their economic recovery from COVID-19. This one-unit course is for Managers, Workers, Supervisors and Business Owners; giving each participant an ACTION PLAN of what THEY can do in their job AND at home to stop the spread of this disease – we ALL need to work together …no matter how simple we see our role

This qualification is for people who apply business skills and judgments in making decisions to provide knowledge to others.

This course is aimed at basic operational skills and knowledge for security guards who wish to apply for a security license.

Certificate 3 Guarantee gives QLD residents access to government funding for training Student Contribution Fee – up to 87% discount

This qualification is aimed at individuals who have been cleaning for a few years and want to increase their skills and knowledge.

Each student needs to contribute towards the training cost to be eligible for the Certificate 3 Guarantee funding. HR training has low contribution fees to benefit participants of all ages. The Student Contribution Fee allows participants to enroll with HR training and is the TOTAL cost that the participant will pay. The course fee includes: administration, tuition, the certificate and all costs to deliver the training. Students holding a Concession card will get up to 87% discount off the standard HR training fees for the courses listed below. All others participants will get up to 80% discount with Government funding.

Choose a course

– up to 87% discount. Your opportunity to enroll with one of the best Training Organisations in Australia!

HR training are usually more expensive than other Training Providers because we offer quality training with experienced Trainers and provide mentor support to help YOU achieve not only success in your course, but your goals. BUT with Certificate 3 Guarantee training we wish to give something back to those who need it most and so for Certificate 3 Guarantee students who have a “Concession Card” we are giving a minimum discount of 87% off our standard fees. Students who are not concessional also get a minimum 66% discount.

You can only access the Certificate 3 Guarantee subsidy once, so it is important you choose the right course to take advantage of this opportunity. Please note, participants will not be eligible for government subsidised training once you complete a Certificate 3 Guarantee qualification.

So you may as well enroll with the best at fees you can now afford!

The following Courses are funded by the Queensland State Government in 2020-2021:

Training Course Number of Units Students holding a
Concession card
course fee is $
ALL other Students
course fee is $
“Comply with infection prevention and control policies & procedures”

Skill Sets for units: HLTINF001 and HLTINFCOV001
• HLTSS00065 Infection control (Retail)

• HLTSS00066 Infection control (Food Handling)

• HLTSS00067 Infection control (Transport & Logistics)

• HLTSS00064 Infection control

1 unit only
$ Nil

for Existing Employees
in a “Customer-Facing” role
Fully funded in QLD
No contribution fee

$ Nil

for Existing Employees
in a “Customer-Facing” role
Fully funded in QLD
No contribution fee

Certificate III in Business
12 $240 $360
Certificate II in Cleaning
11 $330 $440
Certificate III in Cleaning Operations
14 $350 $630
Certificate II in Security Operations
14 $195 $390

With a choice of Face-to-Face training OR ONLINE training and assessment, learning is easy

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