Audit Report

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Summary of our VET Quality Framework Audit Reports

This page presents a summary of the VET Quality Framework Audit Reports (VQF Audit Reports) of HRD Consulting Australasia Pty Ltd trading as Human Resource Training (HR Training).

As a pre-qualified supplier under government funded programs (for example, Certificate 3 Guarantee and User Choice), we are proud of our reputation. HR Training publishes our most recent audit reports to demonstrate our compliance with the VQF and the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

What is a VQF Audit Report?

The VQF Audit Report reviews and presents evidence of a company’s compliance with VQF requirements. These reports confirm that the company is achieving quality training and assessment outcomes. The process also identifies opportunities for improvement on these outcomes.

Queensland Government public funding is paid directly to HR Training as a pre-qualified supplier for the Certificate 3 Guarantee and User Choice programs. This funding is only available to pre-qualified suppliers for the delivery of accredited, entry-level training to eligible students. 

The information and reports on this page are presented to assist students, employers and trainees in making an informed decision regarding the selection of an RTO. List of VET Quality Framework Audit Reports

We hope that our VET Quality Framework Audit Reports assist in your selection of an RTO. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

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