Professional Short Courses

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HR Training - Professional Short Courses

HR Training provides a wide range of Professional Short Courses to government, industry and corporate clients. These courses are not accredited like our certificate courses, but the courses are customised to suit your exact needs using your own organisation’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Short Courses help to upskill your employees quickly. The increased knowledge and skills can help your employees achieve their potential, gain promotions and identify their chosen career path.

To foster the retention of skills and knowledge and bring about behavioural changes, we employ adult learning principles in our training courses. This helps to improve your organisation’s efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

Short Courses are beneficial to both organisations and employees. They can last for 1 to 2 hours, half day or an entire day, even a few days, it depends on your requirements.

Whilst we can develop Professional Short Courses that cover any topic, below is a list of our current offerings.

Our clients

HR Training has delivered Professional Short Courses to a variety of clients, including:

If you’re interested in developing Professional Short Courses for your employees, please call HR Training on 07 3289 4444 or send us an email enquiry.