HR training: a leading name in professional HR services, Vocational accredited certificate training courses and RPL

Human Resource Training is the trading name of HRD Consulting Australasia (RTO 31678), a private company that has been providing training and human resource services to government, corporate clients and industry for nearly 30 years. We are a Registered Training Organisation in Australia; able to deliver Vocational accredited certificate training courses for the issue of certificates in all states/territory of Australia and in most countries around the world.

We specialise in helping organisations achieve business success through professional HR services and the design, development and presentation of high-quality face-to-face and online accredited certificate courses.

HRtraining have delivered face-to-face training & HR projects around the world in the following locations:

Head Office: Brisbane Australia

Southeast Asia Office: Davao Philippines

Asia Office: Hong Kong

HR training are one of the most respected training companies in Australia. And Internationally.
Some Past and Present Clients:

  • Parliament House Canberra, Australia
  • Local Government Councils: City of Gold Coast, City of Ipswich and City of Brisbane Queensland and Fairfield City Council NSW
  • Mayne Logistics Armaguard
  • The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
  • Australian Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates throughout the world
  • Staff at US, UK, New Zealand, Portuguese, German and Canadian Embassies and
  • Staff from the United Nations Commission.

What do we do?

Apart from delivering traditional face-to-face classroom based training courses, we offer ONLINE training and assessment through our online campus: HR training college and this allows our students to LEARN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE in the world. Our vision is for education and training to be available to ALL people so they can achieve their goals. Be a part of Our Vision

Our course on Infection Prevention COVID-19 can be completed ONLINE in any country

Stay safe and if your workplace requires accredited training on Infection Prevention and Control, you can enroll in our accredited ONLINE course that focuses on the health of employees, cleaning at workplaces and been designed by us for all industries. To enroll or get more information complete this Expression of Interest:
Infection-Prevention & Control accredited ONLINE-training-COVID-19

Online assessment combined with face-to-face training sessions, we believe, is the most effective method of learning, but of course if you are not able to attend scheduled classroom sessions, then online training and assessment is the only option.

Both our face-to-face and online training is based upon the philosophy:

I hear and I forget,
I see and I remember,
I do and I understand…Confucius circa 450BC

HR training deliver accredited training that leads to Australian Certificates AND also Professional short courses on specific business areas such as: Effective Communication; Quality Customer Service; Negotiating and Influencing Skills; Armed Robbery Survival Skills; Work Health and Safety and many other areas relevant to business and industry. Our professional short courses can be completed as 1 or 2 hour/ Half day OR Full Day workshops. Each workshop is customised to the specific needs of YOUR organisation using your SOPs.

Available courses include:

Accredited Certificate Training and Professional Short courses

HR training provide accredited certificate courses which are recognised throughout Australasia and the world under the Australian Qualifications Framework. But we also offer Professional Short courses for specific skills via half day workshops.

Courses are completed with flexible delivery to fit into your available time and schedule.

Training can be completed by attending structured face-to-face training sessions in a training room OR at your workplace OR courses can be completed ONLINE. HR training have their own Learning Management System (LMS) through a dedicated website: HR

We co-ordinate and manage the whole training process, and train using a variety of delivery methods to address the different learning styles of our audience.

Our aim is to not only meet, but to exceed our client’s expectations by offering accredited certificate training courses of the highest quality to benefit not only the client, but industry as a whole. Our Trainers have the academic qualifications and relevant industry background to facilitate a rewarding learning experience that leads to a transfer of their knowledge and skills to course participants.

For more information on our Vocational accredited online certificate courses, face-to-face training, or access to Certificate 3 Guarantee Courses in Queensland, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Specialist in COVID Training:

Around the world, we are all living in unprecedented times and that’s why at HR Training, we have ALL the courses that you need to keep your team safe & healthy. Along with our regular online cleaning courses and commercial cleaning courses, we now offer an accredited COVID cleaning course that specifically answers all your questions on Covid-19 control. With all our cleaning certificate courses available online, ALL your employees will learn and understand the importance of social distancing, hand washing & sanitizing so your loved ones are not at risk.

2020 has been a year that has seen large parts of the world placed into lockdown, and our Covid-19 prevention course and detailed information in our disease control course combine to help you and your teams implement the necessary preventative measures. While we have always appreciated the need for infection control cleaning, it is something that has moved to a new level since the coronavirus pandemic.

To enrol or get more information, complete this Expression of Interest:

Infection-Prevention & Control accredited ONLINE-training-COVID-19

Our disinfection cleaning course, along with our Covid cleaning course, can help you to understand what extra precautions you are your employees need to take. The importance of undertaking a Covid sanitizing course can’t be overstated with an infection prevention Covid course also being a useful weapon when it comes to understanding the dangers that the outbreak presents. You will find that our workplace cleaning and disinfection course is incredibly informative as well as representing excellent value for money.

We appreciate that there are other companies offering a Covid cleaning course, but our online Covid training is, detailed, comprehensive, informative and gives you many, many links to for you to look into the specific things YOUR business needs. This whole situation is new to everyone, but HR training have been delivering this course: “Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies & Procedures” for eleven (11) we are perhaps the most qualified training organisation to deliver this accredited unit !

We are working tirelessly with the many bodies in Australia and reading all relevant articles to guarantee that our accredited COVID cleaning course offers the latest, up to date information in line with Government and World Health organisation WHO recommendations.

WOur Covid-19 prevention course should be undertaken by at least one trusted member of your management team, all supervisors and selected customer service role employees.

For now, at least, online cleaning courses and cleaning certificate course online are the way forward, and our commercial cleaning courses are designed to ensure that none of your employees are exposed to any undue risks or danger. While all of our courses are incredibly popular, especially at this time, we would like to recommend that you complete ALL these short courses that combine to give you the accredited level 3 unit:
“Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies & Procedures” (HLTINFCOV001)

  • Infection control cleaning course                                                                                
  • Infection control Covid course
  • Disinfection cleaning course
  • Workplace Covid cleaning course
  • Covid cleaning course
  • Online Covid training
  • Covid sanitizing course
  • Infection prevention Covid course

During these challenging times our teams are available to offer you all the support and guidance you need in any of the 53 countries where we have delivered training.

If you would like more information about our Covid-19 prevention course, disease control courses as well as our workplace cleaning and disinfection course we would be only too happy to help. You can call us on +61 7 3289 4444 or use our online training consultant which is available 24/7. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website, and we reply to any message promptly and without delay. We understand how serious the current situation and are doing all we can to help you to restore some normality.