HRTraining Surveys

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Learner Surveys

Registered Training Organisations are required to have all learners complete a Government survey of any accredited training delivered. This survey is online and won’t take very long to complete, will be sent to you for completion online.

Your feedback plays an important role in developing the quality of training in our organisation… Thank you

Human Resource Training will send you a link to the Survey towards the end of your course.

What do I need to do?

At some point towards the end of your unit or course, the team at HR Training will send you a link to the survey. Simply click on the link and enter your responses to the questions. When you have finished, click the submit button. That’s it!

Certificate 3 Guarantee Survey

For students who have recently completed or partly completed a unit or course which was funded by the Queensland State Government Certificate 3 Guarantee Funding, you’ll need to complete a survey within 3 months of finishing or discontinuing the training. 

The survey must be completed because it was a condition of you receiving the government funding. It is easy to do as it is only 4 questions and will take just 3-5 minutes.

The team at HR Training will send you a link to the Certificate 3 Guarantee Survey AFTER your unit or course is completed. 

For more information on surveys, please contact HR Training on 07 3289 4444 or send us an email enquiry.