Education Support

You are able to complete our Certificate III in Education Support course ONLINE with your assessments done at a school of your choosing.

Training is customised to the needs of each organisation and/or individual person who enrols to ensure the best results and outcomes for each client. Discuss with us your situation and your needs. With nearly 30 years experience in vocational training in the workplace, we will give you options and advice on the best course and units to choose, based on your goals.

If your workplace requires accredited training on Infection Prevention and Control, enrol in our ONLINE single unit course. This nationally accredited unit has been designed for ALL workers in all industries. It covers important up-to-date details you need to know about infection prevention & control and for Supervisors/ Managers it is the qualification you need to be a COVID Marshal in a workplace.

VACCINATION for COVID-19 will now be part of our life. But VACCINATION will NOT prevent you from getting COVID-19, but it will prevent you from getting very sick and reduce your chance of dying.

Vaccination alone is not going to stop this disease from spreading - it will only REDUCE the ability of the virus to spread to people you are in contact with.

ONLY YOU can STOP the virus getting into YOUR body and spreading by making changes in your daily behaviour - and that’s what our course is all about !

This qualification is for individuals who wish to work as a Teachers Aid at a school.