Warehousing Operations Training Courses

You are able to complete our Warehousing courses online or face-to-face.

Training is customised to the needs of each organisation and/or individual person who enrols with us to ensure the best results and outcomes for each client. Discuss with us your particular situation and your needs; with over 24 years’ experience in vocational training in the workplace, we can give clients options and advice based on your goals…it’s hard to know what you want – when you don’t understand all that’s available.

HR training offer a range of certificates in warehousing operations:

This qualification is designed for job roles in a warehouse where the person performs a defined range of skilled operations.

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This qualification is designed for a management role in a warehouse where the person performs a broad range of skilled warehouse logistic operations & procedures.

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The following clients have chosen us to conduct warehousing operations training courses for their staff:

  • Sanitarium the Health Food Company
  • Boral
  • Wattyl Paints
  • Deluxe Freight

Courses cover topics such as dispatching and replenishing stock, packaging goods, picking and processing orders, and checking import/export documentation. They can also include operating a forklift, organising the transport of goods, coordinating emergency procedures, monitoring stock levels, regulating temperature-controlled stock, and presenting workplace data.

You can work towards achieving your warehousing operations certificate either with a mentor online or face-to-face in a classroom setting, with a small group, or one-one-one.

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