General Information for successful Scholarship holders:

Life in Brisbane Australia

Brisbane and South East Queensland is known as the Sub-tropical playground of Australia and includes the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. It offers a glimpse of the whole of what Australia has to offer all within 2 hours of HRtraining College’s Head Office.

We are located 35 mins north west of the Capital city of Brisbane that is on the Brisbane river. We do not highlight the social side of our beautiful city and what it has to offer visitors as you are here to study and work. However, for those who work hard we will ensure you will get to experience many of the places in South East Queensland that you see in the videos over your time with us …congratulations on your success in gaining a Visa to one of the most natural, diverse and multicultural places in the world. Work hard and you will get time to enjoy it.


Travel Tips:

Take your time and find a flight that has a price that is reasonable – better to come a bit later and save several hundred dollars!

Be aware that some flights have multiple stops that can save you money, but the negative is it may take you 24 hours to travel as opposed to a DIRECT FLIGHT of say 10 hours from your city to Brisbane Australia.

An Alternative of flying into Brisbane is to fly to Coolangatta airport that is on the Gold Coast. We do not mind having a driver pick you up at this airport that is 2 hours south of our office. This is where the recent Commonwealth Games were held and is one of the most famous tourist and holiday destinations in Australia.

Allow additional travel expenses for:

  • airport taxes of your country (that are usually NOT part of your air flight)
  • excess baggage or out of size items
  • food and refreshment along the way

Wear and carry your heaviest clothes and shoes as this is not included in your baggage and carry on allowance.

It is a good idea to bring a debit/ credit card from your country and to have at least say $50 in Australian cash money on arrival. We will however organise for you to open a local bank account with an ATM card in the first few days of your arrival and will deposit in $50 in this account for you, so you know you have your own money. However once you are here most things will be paid for.

Things to bring:

Equipment: A Laptop with a headset is essential for communication back home and will make your study much easier and portable. You will have a PC at work, but a personal laptop means you can have all your study on the one unit whether you are attending a class, travelling on assignment for work, at the office, or at home in your unit.

iPod, DVDs, play station, Xbox etc are all acceptable for your free time.
Please bring whatever else you wish to bring that helps you feel at home. Games, soft toys, your favourite music, a musical instrument etc, but remember you are limited by weight! Bring whatever helps you relax on your days off or at night after study.

Formal clothes: for formal work/ meetings long pants with a collared shirt (short or long sleeve) are required. A tie is only needed for very formal occasions, but the company has ties that will match most attire, so if you do not have a tie then do not worry. Black shoes. Black belt.

Office attire: Smart casual long or short pants with T-shirt or Polo shirt with or without collar. Casual shoes or sandals are ok.

Weekend Clothes: casual clothes whatever you wear at your home, swimming attire necessary if you like the beach as we have many beaches and gym clothes if you wish to keep fit.

Winter clothes: bring what warm clothes you have like hooded sweaters, but you will probably have to buy some winter clothes as most of our scholars come from Asia where the temperatures do not go as low as 5 degrees Celsius that is does during the months of July and August here in Brisbane.

Arrival in Australia:

When you arrive at the airport you will need to pick up your baggage and go through Australian customs and immigration checks. This is where you will need to show the Visa (Immigration Grant) that is simply the email sent to you from Australian Immigration. They will have this on record so no need to have a visa in your passport.

If you have anything to “declare” like food you want to bring into the country, then you will write this on the form given to you on the plane. Follow the signs saying: “Items to declare” and you will simply show the customs officer the item(s) from your bag that you wish ti declare. If you have nothing to declare then you will follow the signs that say “nothing to declare”, but a percentage of those visitors will be randomly asked to have their baggage searched. Do not worry if you are chosen. Just let them search your bag and answer any questions. They mainly check visitors who are here for a holiday and short visits, not visitors on approved 24 month work visas like yours.

Once you exit the customs area you walk through a door and are in Australia. A driver will be there with a sign with your name on it and they will help you with your bags and take you for a meal and that is where you will be given your mobile with a local sim and able to contact your family/ friends to tell them you have arrived safely. Let them know you will call them within 2 hours after the scheduled arrival of the flight as it usually takes 45 mins to get through customs and immigration and flights may be late.

The driver will then take you to your accommodation where you will be met by the General Manager of HRtraining, who will usually, depending upon the time of your arrival, take you on a tour of the city of Brisbane.

Day Two: Rest in the morning and Induction to Human Resource Training in the afternoon. You will be given a “Go Card” for Brisbane city transport travel within Brisbane and you will be given an allowance for travel each month with a credit balance so your travel will be free for the duration of your stay. You will have dinner with the General Manger of HRtraining who will see that you are happy and if your need anything before you start at the office the next day.

Your accommodation

Scholars will be provided self-contained, accommodation for their entire stay in Australia that is covered by the scholarship. Details and photos of the specific accommodation being used for your scholarship will be sent as a separate email closer to your time of travel.

Accommodation includes all food and you buy food that suits your taste and diet.

A push bike is also provided with helmet if you wish to go bike riding and see the local area and you will have access to a pool and gym equipment for your use.

Any questions from yourself or family, no matter how small, will be answered directly and can be emailed to: [email protected]

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