Scholarship available to Study in Australia – 2 years

Human Resource Training has been offering Scholarships since 2010 that give young persons from Asia, the opportunity to follow their dreams. Our company is committed to providing Quality Vocational Education and Training regardless of gender, sexual orientation, academic standard, race or religion and are looking for a person who would like to complete the Diploma of Business in Australia.

THE 2018 SCHOLARSHIP OFFER is for China:

Human Resource Training and the company of HRD Consulting Australasia Pty Ltd is offering a scholarship to the value of up to $50,000AUD to a single person who has the potential to have a successful business, management or training career.

The scholar will be a person that has done well at school and or college and can demonstrate achievements at and since leaving school in either studies they have done or in work they have or are doing.

The scholarship will support a student to undertake a Two Year Vocational course in the Diploma of Business in Brisbane Australia and includes not only the accredited Diploma from Australia, but accommodation and ALL expenses while living in Australia.

The recipient will broaden their skills through on-the-job training and vocational work experience at the office of HR training in Brisbane Australia and will be given time to study each month so they can complete assignments that will lead to the award of their Diploma of Business.

Applicants must have completed high school, or equivalent or higher education; be at least 18 years of age at date of travel to Australia and be under 25 years of age or less at date of travel.

The scholarship must be taken up within 2 months of it being awarded. The recipient will be sponsored and nominated by Human Resource Training and we will help the successful candidate apply for the 407 Visa to Australia.

Follow this link to read about the Training Visa (sub class 407).

The recipient will be responsible for the costs of their Visa, arranging a medical health check, Police Check and for air travel to Brisbane, Australia ONE WAY. All other costs will be paid on behalf of the student.

Link to: Travel Information and Details about the Scholarship for Successful candidates

What you need to do to apply:

  1. Write a formal letter to The Manager, Human Resource Training applying for the scholarship. In this letter you need to:
    • introduce yourself,
    • tell us your background – family, education, achievements,
    • explain WHY you want and deserve the scholarship,
    • tell us how gaining the Scholarship will help you,
    • explain why you would like to work in our office in Brisbane Australia, and
    • tell us why completing the Diploma of Business would help you achieve your goals.
    In the email attach copies of all academic qualifications and or achievements from school, college or the workplace. Also tell us about any other achievements.
  2. There are many famous ”quotes” that can inspire us. Find a “quote” that best describes YOU. Explain in 100 words or less what this quote means to you!
  3. Email the formal letter as an attachment to: [email protected].
  4. HRD will acknowledge every application as being received within 24 hours of receipt and will respond to the successful scholar and unsuccessful applicants. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the decision of the scholar chosen as the decision will be final.
  5. The scholar by making application gives permission for HRD to release their family name and initial for marketing purposes.

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