Company Information

HRD Consulting Australasia Pty Ltd
ACN  121 890 917
trading as Human Resource Training
ABN 68 121 890 917
Registered Training Organisation
Established 1991

Our Vision

Our goal is to be and to be recognised as,
one of the most respected and professionally managed
private training organisations in Australasia.
HR training is committed to providing quality Vocational Education and Training – regardless of
culture, race, religion, gender, sexuality, academic standard, age, disability or special need.
We will assist and advance the process of knowledge and skills transfer to all learners,
while benchmarking against industry Best Practice.
We will remain innovative and be a pioneer of change
in an environment of continuous improvement
which values honesty, integrity and strives for
the mutual benefit of all…
we will Make a Difference !! HR training will  achieve this vision:
by ensuring experienced, qualified and motivated Trainers
maintain established high training standards
and exceed client and learner expectations,
as we improve the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE of
the greatest resource an organisation and a country has – ITS  PEOPLE
through human resource management and professional courses
conducted within a creative & friendly learning environment.

Our Future

Our Philosophy on Training

Training is about gaining knowledge, transfer of skills and the ability through competence to IMPLEMENT new knowledge and skills into a workplace or region.

Many training courses in the worldwide market place assume participants are able to transfer learning and new skills from the course to their workplace or job – but this is not the case !  A person firstly needs to be motivated to do so and that is why HR training do not just train for the transfer of skills and knowledge. ALL our courses include content designed to bring about a change in participants’ motivation and attitude to help participants realise the changes they need to make in their own workplace and HOW to implement these changes.

HR training and People

Training is about people – about changing their behaviour, enhancing existing skills and helping them gain knowledge to achieve their goals. We all acquire a body of knowledge, but the key to our effectiveness is developing and improving our skills over time. We therefore need to acquire, maintain and update our skills throughout our life. This is called life-long education !! and HR training is proud to be a part of the growth of individuals through Vocational Education and Training.

Accredited Certificate Training and Professional Short courses

HR training provide accredited certificate courses which are recognised throughout Australasia and the world under the Australian Qualifications Framework. But we also offer Professional Short courses for specific skills via half day workshops.

Courses are completed with flexible delivery to fit into your available time and schedule.

Training can be completed by attending structured face-to-face training sessions in a training room OR at your workplace OR courses can be completed ONLINE.  HR training have their own Learning Management System (LMS) through a dedicated website:

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