What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

When it comes to Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), many people are aware of it. However, a common misunderstanding of RPL is people think they do not need to do anything for RPL. In this article, we will explain what RPL is and how we process RPL applications.

The following definition of RPL comes from ASQA and we believe it is a very good summary of what it is.

“RPL is an assessment-only process that assesses the competency of an individual—competency which may have been acquired through formal, non-formal and/or informal learning. This assessment seeks to determine the extent to which an individual meets the requirements specified in training packages or VET accredited courses.”

Based on the definition of RPL given by ASQA, we know that RPL is a process that only includes assessments. There is no learning or training involved if a person seeks competency in a unit via RPL. If the RPL process includes assessments, that means participants will need to finish the assessments. Hence, it is INCORRECT to say that if you want to apply for RPL for certain units, you do not need to anything for those units.

In summary, if you want to get a unit via RPL instead of coursework, you must prove that you have achieved competency in this unit either by previous learning, workplace training, or work experience.

The RPL process at HRtraining is quite straightforward. Once participants enroll. We will send them a units required form for them to choose elective units. They will also specify which units they want to get by RPL on the same form. We will then customise the RPL KIT and email it to the participants. The RPL KIT contains forms for each individual units the participant want to get by RPL. Participants are required to read the elements, performance and knowledge requirements, and provide an explanation regarding their experience relevant to each unit. They are also required to provide supporting documents (e.g. resume, training transcripts, workplace training documents, workplace documentation, etc.) to prove their claims. If the RPL application cannot be granted for certain units, the participant will need to complete the coursework.

Each RPL application needs to be supported by numerous documents. Simply submitting a CV does not provide enough details for the assessor to assess your RPL application. Also, supporting documents must come from different sources for the assessor to verify your experience. We do know that certain organisations grant RPL applications purely using participants’ CV without asking for any other documents and we do not believe this practice satisfies ASQA’s standards regarding assessments.

In summary, RPL is an assessment process that requires participants to prove that they are competent in certain units without doing the coursework. And RPL is by no means easier than doing the coursework as participants need to provide documents to prove their claimed experience.

If you have any questions regarding the RPL process, please don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂

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