HRtraining’s zero tolerance towards plagiarism

When it comes to plagiarism, HRtraining adopts a zero tolerance policy. We are aware that no matter how good modern technologies and workplace procedures are, people who intend to plagiarise will always find a way to do so. Thus we have implemented very stringent procedures to detect plagiarism. In this post, we will talk about HRtraining’s policy towards plagiarism.

First, zero tolerance towards plagiarism does not mean we do not encourage discussion. Discussion is perfectly fine. However, each participant needs to provide their own answers. Discussion should only be used to clarify what is required by the question, not to brainstorm possible answers.

Second, zero tolerance towards plagiarism means submitted assessments won’t be graded. If graded, the score won’t count towards the final grade of that unit. If plagiarism issue is found in most of the units, HRtraining may ask the trainee to do the whole training again.

When it comes to certain training packages like Security Operations, HRtraining reviews students’ submissions more frequently as those training products normally lead to a security licence and we have to make sure the quality of the training is maintained. Due to a serious problems identified by ASQA regarding the security training industry, if a serious plagiarism problem is found with participants undertaking security courses, they won’t be issued a certificate till the training is redone and is up to HRtraining’s standards.

Again, HRtraining does not tolerate plagiarism and we hope every student will submit their original work. If you do not understand the content or a specific assessment, we are more than happy to help. Just don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂

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