Diploma of Business & Certificate IV in Cleaning Management

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In this article, we want to focus on the benefits of doing Diploma of Business and Certificate IV in Cleaning Management together. The Diploma of Business (BSB50215) consists of 8 units of study and the Certificate IV in Cleaning Management (CPP40416) requires 14 units of study. So normally, if you do those two courses separately, you will need to complete 22 units of study in total.

For managers working in the cleaning industry, the Certificate IV in Cleaning Management is the highest level qualification you can get that is specifically designed for the cleaning industry. When it comes to business management issues, the Diploma of Business is a great step up from the Level IV course as management issues are universal, e.g. recruitment, training, induction, job assignment, etc.

To do the Diploma of Business and the Certificate IV in Cleaning Management together, you will avail yourself of the following benefits.

First, you are required to do less units and the cost is less. As you only need to complete 15 units of study to get both qualifications, instead of 22, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time and money.

Second, the Diploma of Business is a good course for cleaning managers who want to do further training beyond what is covered in the Level IV cleaning course. Because the Diploma of Business does not specify any core units, all the 8 units will be electives given that packaging rules are met. Areas that can be covered include marketing & advertising, managing meetings & payroll, human resources management, market research, and risk & crisis management. Hence, the diploma course provides experienced managers a great opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge in business management.

Third, because both courses are assessed online, completing the training will help you enhance your computer skills because you will gain experience in creating & editing complex documentation, utilising online tools to present documentations & slides, etc.

To sum up, for cleaning managers who intend to complete the Certificate IV in Cleaning Management, studying the Diploma of Business at the same time is of great benefits in terms of both qualifications you get and the skills you will obtain.

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