Verification of your credentials before you get credit transfer

Why is verifying students’ credentials important before granting credit transfers? The answer is simple: to verify that the student provided a genuine credential, especially when some of the units will be used for licencing purposes.

At the moment, the only way an RTO can verify that a credential is valid is to contact the issuing RTO. Based on a recent news update from ASQA, even a certified copy of credentials does not indicate the truthfulness of the credential. Therefore, as an RTO, we have to verify the credentials provided by students with the issuing RTO before granting credit transfers.

Normally, this verification process does not involve students. As we will contact that issuing RTO to verify the credential. In rare instances, the issuing RTO is not willing to verify the credential. If that happens, we will need to contact the students and ask them to obtain a written verification before credit transfer can be granted.

So how do we verify your credential?

  • as we are based in QLD, we have access to the portal DETConnect which can be used to check all the training records that a student has done with an RTO that reports in QLD. If the training record is shown on DETConnect, we do not need to contact the issuing RTO.
  • most of the time, we will email your credential to the issuing RTO and ask them to verify it.

Once we obtain a written response, i.e. an email sent to us from the RTO, we will archive the response for auditing purposes and grant you credit transfer for the unit(s).

It is true that the current verification process is quite time-consuming and it does not always work. For instance, the issuing RTO may not exist anymore. In this case, there is no way to verify the credential. Hopefully, when the USI transcript system is brought out, the verification process may become easier as all the training completed after 1st January 2015 can be checked by using the student’s USI.

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