Difference between the new and the old training package for cleaning operations/management

On 6th May 2016, the new training packages for Certificate III in Cleaning Operations and Certificate IV in Cleaning Management were released and published on training.gov.au.

  • Certificate III in Cleaning Operations changed from CPP31011 to CPP31316
  • Certificate IV in Cleaning Management changed from CPP41011 to CPP40416

For students, the main question is “What are the differences between the old and new training packages”. We have summarised a few differences and they are explained below.

First, the number of units of study changed. In CPP31011, there are 19 units of study whereas in CPP31316, there are 14 units of study. For Certificate IV, the number of units remain the same.

Second, the number of core units changed. In the old Cert III, there are four core units. In the new Cert III, the number of core units is five. When it comes to the Cert IV course, the number of core units changed from eight to seven.

Third, a major upgrade to previous Level II units. Many Level II units were upgraded to Level III in the new training package. Some examples are as follows.

  • CPPCLO2009A is now CPPCLO3009
  • CPPCLO2004A is now CPPCLO3004
  • CPPCLO2017A is now CPPCLO3017
  • CPPCLO2044A is now CPPCLO3044
  • CPPCLO2035A is now CPPCLO3035
  • CPPCLO2001A is now CPPCLO3001

Fourth, some units are combined to be a single unit or replaced by a single unit. Some examples are as follows.

  • CPPCLO2015A & CPPCLO3016A are combined to be CPPCLO3018
  • In Cert III, HLTIN301C and HLTIN403B are now replaced by HLTINF001 in the new Cert III
  • In Cert III, CPPCMN3003A and CPPCLO2033A are now replaced by CPPCLO3003

So what do the above changes mean to students?

  1. The change in the number of units does not mean the workload has been reduced. As mentioned above, some Level II units have been upgraded to Level III and two units are combined into/replaced by a single unit. Thus, the decrease in the number of units in Cert III does not indicate a decrease in the required workload. The new training package is more consolidated but the main areas covered do not change.
  2. The advent of the new training packages do not mean that the old packages cannot be delivered. According to the current guideline published on training.gov.au, the old training packages for Cert III and Cert IV in Cleaning will expire in November 2017. This means students wishing to complete the old package can still do it. But if you intend to get the qualification with the old code, you will need to complete all the units before November 2017. If you are unable to finish all the units before November 2017, you will be upgraded to the new qualification.
  3. What if I am studying the old package but cannot finish before the old package expires? Don’t worry. Because the old Cert III and Cert IV are equivalent to the new Cert III and Cert IV, respectively, if you cannot finish the training in the old package by November 2017, you can upgrade to the new package course and all the units you have completed will still count towards the new package as long as it is compliant with the new package rules.

To sum up, the new training packages for cleaning are more consolidated and easier to follow. But because the new and old packages are considered equivalent, the impact of this change on students are minimal.

If you have any further questions regarding this change, please don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂

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