How does HRtraining provide help to its students?

Since 2011, HRtraining has been trying to move everything online and gradually reduce the amount of manual assessments. In a face-to-face environment, training participants can ask questions and get feedback straight away, whereas online training seems to deprive participants of this opportunity. So how does HRtraining provide help to its course participants when most course materials are delivered online?

At the moment, HRtraining mainly provides two types of support: live chat support and email support. How to get help using those methods under different situations will be explained in the next section.

Live chat support, without doubt, is the easiest one to use when you encounter any issues during your training. Problems using the online system? Difficulty finding relevant resources? Questions about your grades? You can use the live chat support to resolve all those issues. However, as the live chat support staff on duty is not necessarily a trainer, if your questions are very specific to your training material or industry (e.g. under what circumstances is citizen arrest applicable), then your inquiry may be forwarded to your trainer. In this case, your trainer will answer your question via email or phone call. After working hours, the live chat support staff will not be online. In this case, your questions will be forwarded to us as an email.

Email support is useful when you are having issues with an assessment section or you have doubts regarding a general issue that does not need to be addressed so urgently. For instance, if your assessment tasks have been completed for 3 days and yet to be graded, you can write us a quick email to see if everything is OK. Or you want to change some of the units you have selected to those you think are more appropriate to your job or industry, writing us an email is the best way to go. On our LMS system, using the email support means clicking the “Contact your mentor for help” link on the top right side of the course page (shown below).

Contact your mentor for help.

Apart from the two support types mentioned above, HRtraining also provides phone support. If you are having issues and the above two support methods do not help resolve them, you should give us a call straight away so we can help you tackle the problem.

Although online training lacks the interaction you have in a face-to-face environment, its flexibility provides more convenience to our course participants. In addition, with modern technology, online training is getting more interactive. If you know a technology or a tool that HRtraining should avail itself of, please let us know 🙂

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