What is the benefit of doing cleaning operations training online?

Cleaning requires people to have a good command of major cleaning techniques like how to clean carpet floors, glass surfaces; how to use a polisher to clean hard floor; how to clean a wet area, etc. In order to learn those cleaning techniques, you do need to attend face-to-face, practical sessions to practice those skills. So what is the benefit of doing cleaning operations training online?

First of all, online training in cleaning operations saves time for experienced cleaners. Online training means that the learning materials and assessment tasks are delivered online and most of them can be completed by using the internet. For practical components, you still need to physically demonstrate that you know how to apply certain cleaning techniques. But with online training, if you are an experienced cleaner, for practical assessments, you can film a short video showing you cleaning a specific type of surface. This saves you time and other costs associated with attending a face-to-face session.

Second, for new cleaners and those who are planning to work in the cleaning industry, online training also saves money and time because you can complete most of the units by doing study online. Also cleaning operation is a fairly practical course, it does not mean that every single unit has a practical component. Many units are actually pretty theoretical, especially those related to customer services, priority organisation and legislation & regulations. Taking the Certificate II & III in Cleaning Operations for instance, units listed below are very practical. But they only account for a small proportion of the whole course. Basically, for Certificate II & III in Cleaning Operations, over 60% of the required units can be totally completed online. Even for units with practical assessment components, over 50% of the assessments can be done online. Therefore, it is beneficial to complete all the theory parts before attending a face-to-face training session. At the very least, you will already have built a fairly solid foundation before attending the practical session.

  • Clean Glass Surfaces (CPPCLO2009A)
  • Maintain Hard Floor Surfaces (CPPCLO2001A)
  • Restore Hard Floor Surfaces (CPPCLO3002A)
  • Maintain Carpeted Floors (CPPCLO2004A)
  • Clean Wet Areas (CPPCLO2017A)

Third, it gives you the opportunity to develop basic computing skills. Being able to use a computer is no longer considered an advanced skill. In this day and age, it is a rather basic skill and potential employers will expect that from you. There is nothing wrong with not being able to use a computer, but if you can kill two birds with one stone, why not?

Fourth, you get faster feedback for the work you submit. With online training, all the assignments you submit will be graded by the assessors much quicker than doing it manually. At the same time, you can view assessors’ comments and resubmit new work once the grading is complete. Essentially this means you can complete the course within a shorter period.

To sum up, for cleaning operations, although it is very practical, there are still many benefits of doing the training online. If you have any questions regarding our online cleaning course, please don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂

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