Security guard licencing in Australia

In Australia, each state or territory has their own authoritative bodies when it comes to the issuance of security guard licences. What confuses our students is not the difference in licencing bodies, but the discrepancies in training requirements. In this article, we will briefly talk about the training requirements for getting a security licence in different states and territories.

First of all, in Western Australia, all the security training that aims at getting a security licence must be conducted in a face-to-face environment. That is to say, if you want to get a security guard in Western Australia, you need to attend face-to-face training sessions instead of doing the training online. For people living in remote areas, satisfying the training requirements to get a licence needs considerable planning as it may involve a trip to another city if there are no security trainers where they reside. For units required to get a WA security licence, please visit this page.

In Queensland, you need to complete 12 units of study to get a general guard licence, an extra 3 units (15 in total) to get a crowd controller licence and an extra 1 unit (16 in total) to get a body guard licence. You can complete the whole training program online. However, depending on your experience, you may need to attend face-to-face training sessions to complete practical units like CPPSEC3013A Control persons using empty hand techniques. If you need to this course because your previous licence expired or the qualification you hold is too old (e.g. the PRS package), then it is possible for you to cover the practical units by filming a short video showing that you can apply certain security techniques. This way you can be waived from attending a face-to-face session and will save you some time and cost.

If you come from Tasmania, you can get a provisional licence which allows you to work in the security industry for 12 months. According to the latest training requirement, you only need to complete 5 units of study based on which licence you want to apply for. Once you have got your provisional licence, you need to finish the rest units required to get a full security licence. If you don’t finish the rest units within 12 months, your provisional licence will expire and you won’t be able to work in the security industry until you get your full licence. In addition, you can get a full general unarmed guard security licence by completing 15 units. If you want to get a full crowd controller licence, then you will need to complete a total of 21 units of study. For a detailed explanation on the units you need to complete, please visit this page.

If you come from Victoria or New South Wales, you had better find a local training organisation that provides training in security operations to help you satisfy the training requirement to get a security licence in Victoria or New South Wales.

For South Australia, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory, you can find the training requirements on this page.

All the information mentioned above applies to people who want to get a security licence in a specific state or territory. If you want to work in multiple states or you live close to the border between states/territories, then we suggest you contact us directly so we can give you better advice based on your experience and needs.

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